About SiMöN

About us – Founded in 2015, SïMöN VA Services & Consulting is a global outsourcing company that has built a solid reputation for quality, reliability and true professional service. Based in India, we are working with a strong motive to succeed in the domain of Virtual Assistance and provide end-to-end operational support to self-employed professionals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses across all industries.

Neha Madhusudhan - Founder and CEO

Neha Madhusudhan is a seasoned professional with over 10 years of experience in the corporate industry. She has excelled as a Recruitment Lead, managing various training programs and virtual assistance activities. With a strong understanding of client needs, Neha is recognized as an efficient and goal-oriented leader in her field, demonstrating a keen ability to meet targets while navigating the intricacies of corporate demands.

Madhusudhan S - COO

Madhusudhan leads the Training department, Operations, and Client Interaction with a robust experience of over 16 years. Known for exceptional customer retention skills, Madhusudhan has become the go-to person for clients, demonstrating a profound ability to ensure strong client relationships and satisfaction. His leadership across training, operations, and client engagement underscores his expertise in managing diverse aspects of business operations while prioritizing and maintaining strong client connections.

Gangadhar Jalibenchi - HR and Marketing Head

Gangadhar (Gary) boasts over 15 years of diverse experience across Customer Service, Procurement, Virtual Assistance, Script Writing, Teaching, and Recruitment. His dynamic personality and extensive expertise allow him to collaborate closely with clients, ensuring a deep understanding of their needs and working in tandem to deliver optimal results. His versatility across multiple domains showcases his adaptability and commitment to meeting client requirements.